City honors armed citizen who stopped stabbing at GM Tech Center (VIDEO)

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts honored 32-year-old Didarul Sarter Thursday for the courage, strength and heroism he demonstrated last week when he stopped a stabbing outside of the General Motors Tech Center.

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Sarter, who works as a valet at the center, holds a concealed pistol license and pulled a gun on the woman’s attacker. He told her that if she did not drop the knife, he would shoot. The suspect, who was later identified as the woman’s own daughter, heeded Sarter’s warning and was held at gunpoint until police arrived.

“She was screaming and pleading for help, and one person made a difference,” Fouts said.

However, Sarter, who admitted he had never seen such a vicious attack in his life, said he was simply doing what he thought was the right thing.

“If someone needs help, you help them,” he humbly said.

Ironically, immediately after the stabbing, Sarter was escorted off of the premises for violating the company’s no guns policy, which he claims he never knew even existed. GM later went back on their decision, offering Sarter back his job. Sarter accepted and now comes to work without his pistol.

The victim, Stephanie Kerr who is a GM employee, is still recovering from multiple stab wounds, while her daughter, Chavonne Taylor, is now facing charges for the attack.

[ Fox 2 ]

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