Rural VA field scattered with 43 heads of dead presidents

A family farm in Croaker, Virginia, now houses over 40 giant, crumbling heads of past presidents.

The heads, ranging from 18 to 20 feet high and weighing between 11,000 and 20,000 pounds, were once part of Presidents Park in Williamsburg. The walk-through attraction, owned by Everette “Haley” Newman, opened in 2004 after the giant presidents’ heads came to fruition at the artistic hands of David Adickes following an inspiring trip to Mount Rushmore.

Sadly, the park closed six years after it was opened, lacking enough visitors to keep it afloat. And while Newman wanted the enormous sculptures to be destroyed, local resident Howard Hankins, who also helped build the park, didn’t want to see that happen.

So, Hankins offered up space on his 400-acre farm, as well as the funds needed, to transport the presidents to a new home. The process took a week, cost about $50,000 and caused damage to most of the sculptures.

Hankins said he has no desire to obtain a license or other requirements needed to become an official attraction. He regularly turns away requests for visits, but some brave and determined souls still manage to make their way onto Hankins’ property to get a glimpse of the giant heads of past presidents.

Meanwhile, Hankins said a new park is in the works, utilizing the giant sculptures, among other attractions.

president head sculpturespresident head sculpturespresident head sculpturespresident head sculptures

Presidents Park

Presidents Park before it closed.

[ Smithsonian ]

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