Unsuspecting pharmacy robber gets owned by customer (VIDEO)

An attempted robbery at a Walgreen’s pharmacy in Bradenton, Florida, earlier this month didn’t really turn out as planned when the suspect crossed paths with a customer who also happened to be a trained fighter.

Wearing a hoodie and a towel over his face, Anthony Nemeth walked into the pharmacy on February 14, around 12:24 p.m., jumped over the counter and demanded Oxycodone pills, while telling the pharmacist he had a gun.

Unbeknownst to Nemeth, David West was visiting his girlfriend – the pharmacist – who was having to work on Valentine’s Day. But West isn’t just the pharmacist’s boyfriend, West is also a trained fighter.

“When he started reaching into his pants like he had a weapon that’s when I did something just to protect my girlfriend,” West said.

The two tussled for a bit before West finally knocked Nemeth unconscious and held him down until police arrived.

West said it was sad to see the man struggling with a drug addiction, but that he also did what he needed to protect the person he loves.

West said he hopes Nemeth gets the help he needs. But in the meantime, he is hanging out at the Manatee County jail, facing one felony count of armed robbery.

[ WFLA ]

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