Craigslist ‘deal’ ends with victim severing robbery suspect’s arm (VIDEO)

Two people are facing charges after a robbery under the guise of a Craigslist transaction went horribly wrong in Brooklyn earlier this month.

Philippe Pierre, 39, met with 17-year-old Zachary Sam on Friday, February 12. Sam was supposed to buy a pair of Air Jordan 8’s for $190, but when he got into Pierre’s SUV to complete the transaction, instead of pulling cash from his pocket, Sam pulled a gun on Pierre and stole the sneakers.

Video surveillance captured what happened next.

Sam got out of the car, sneakers in hand, and started to walk away. Initially, Pierre also drove away, but at the end of the block, made a quick U-turn and proceeded to run over Sam on the busy sidewalk.

The teen was dragged a short distance before being pinned against a fence, but nonetheless got up and started to make his escape by hopping onto a city bus for a ride. Witnesses, however, yelled at Sam to stop, as they noticed something direly wrong – Sam’s arm had been completely severed near his elbow, and as he attempted to run away, part of his arm was lying on the ground, near the Air Jordans.

Authorities eventually caught up with Sam and he was transported to a local hospital, where efforts to reattach his arm failed.

Sam now faces charges for robbery and criminal possession of a weapon. Pierre was also arrested and charged with attempted murder, a move which left his attorney “astonished.”

“I don’t mean to be harsh,” said James Harding, Pierre’s attorney, “but I think Mr. Sam, in a sense, was getting what he deserved.”

[ ABC 13 ]

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