CrossBreed ankle holster--now updated


CrossBreed’s updated ankle holster. (Photo: CrossBreed Holsters)

CrossBreed Holsters has introduced a redesigned ankle holster. The new model has improved padding and adjustability for comfort and it comes in three sizes to accommodate virtually all popular concealed carry guns.

The new holster has an adjustable Velcro retention strap, and an adjustable calf strap to personalize fit.

Three sizes are offered—called micro, small, and medium—to accommodate just about every imaginable carry gun. CrossBreed’s order page has a drop-down menu of gun models so buyers can choose the right size. The medium size accommodates popular revolvers including the Smith & Wesson J-frame and Bodyguard, and the Ruger LCR.

CrossBreed offers a two-week trial on these holsters, however it’s exempt from their lifetime guarantee. Regular price is $49.95. A Leap Day sale cuts the price to $39.95, but only from February 27-29, 2016.

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