El Chapo’s wife says his life is in danger (VIDEO)

In a recent interview, Emma Coronel Aispuro, the wife of infamous drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, tells how she knows her husband only to be a kind, gentle man and she now fears, while in captivity, his life is in danger.

Since his recapture last month, Guzman has been in solitary confinement. Aispuro said she has only seen him once – for 15 minutes – since he has been back in custody. He was completely shackled and handcuffed during the visit, with guards close by. She claims her 58-year-old husband is “slowly being tortured” and his blood pressure is dangerously high.

“They want to make him pay for his escape,” Aispuro, 26, said. “They say that they are not punishing him. Of course they are. They are there with him, watching him in his cell.”

“They are right there, all day long, calling attendance,” she added. “They don’t let him sleep. He has no privacy.”

Aispuro said Guzman, who last escaped from a maximum security facility through a mile-long tunnel dug beneath the shower in his cell, is not even provided privacy while using the restroom.”

Aispuro said she is “afraid for his life.”

The couple has been married for eight years, but Aispuro, a former beauty queen who married Guzman on her 18th birthday, claims she knows nothing of the crimes for which he is accused, which include leading a violent drug cartel responsible for a great deal of the marijuana, heroin and methamphetamine produced in Mexico. Other notable crimes, in addition to trafficking nearly 2 million pounds of cocaine into the United States, include having his hit men execute hundreds of murders, assaults, kidnappings and general acts of torture that sometimes accompany running such a business.

But that’s not the man Aispuro said she knows. In fact, she said she has never seen any sort of violence or drug use come from Guzman.

“He is like any other man — of course he is not violent, not rude,” she said. “I have never heard him say a bad word. I have never seen him get excited or be upset at anyone.”

[ Los Angeles Times ]

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