Postman shot after failing to deliver packages of drugs (VIDEO)

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The shooting of a Kentucky postal carrier was the result of him failing to deliver drugs on his route in Louisville, an affidavit filed in federal court Monday indicated.

According to court documents, Da’Ron Lester, a U.S. postal carrier, was asked by Marcus Bennett to help deliver drugs on his route. Lester, who had a prior criminal history, including a felony drug convictions, the most recent in 2010, agreed to help, but when it came time to deliver, the recipients came up empty-handed.

Two weeks after the failed delivery, Bennett approached Lester, asked him about the drugs, but Lester claimed he had no knowledge of what happened to the packages. After telling him to “stay safe,” Bennett went on his way.

Then, on February 9, Lester was shot while on his route making deliveries. Lester, however, was immediately able to name the shooter as Bennett’s brother, Eric. Marcus Bennett, a known member of the Victory Park Crips who goes by the street name “MIZ,” was also identified as the person in the passenger’s seat when the shooting occurred.

Authorities say Lester, who survived the shooting, is not facing charges at this time.

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