And the prize for most sensationalized gun headline goes to...

And the prize for most sensationalized gun headline goes to...

Bring on the baby militia! Wait, what?

When lawmakers in Iowa approved a bill in the state House to allow youth to participate in shooting sports with supervision, left-leaning media went full nuclear.

The measure, reported on briefly by on Wednesday, is HF 2281, which passed in a 62-36 vote with broad Republican support. The bill includes mandates to loosen regulations on youth handgun possession for target shooting and hunting reasons provided they are given the firearm by a parent, instructor or guardian. Current laws limit this practice to youth 14 and over. It also requires that the child still be under the supervision of an adult or instructor 21 years of age or older.

Naturally, this was spun to epic proportions across the spectrum of news outlets.

In Iowa itself, WHO-TV simply ran the piece with the informative title of “Bill Would Allow Children to Shoot at Any Age with Parental Supervision.”

Time Magazine reported a more taciturn, “Iowa May Allow Children to Carry Handguns” which was mirrored by the Huffington Post as “Iowa Lawmakers Approve Bill That Would Let Kids Have Handguns.”

Then moving to juicer head turning prose, the New York Daily News dropped, “Iowa considers allowing kids under 14 to use handguns, including .44 Magnum: ‘We do not need a militia of toddlers’” citing a comment made by Iowa Rep. Kirstin Running-Marquardt who asked on the House floor during debate if gun makers had handguns made to “fit the hands of a 1 or 2-year-old.”

The toddler militia comment echoed with the Washington Post as well as overseas in Russia Today and as the subtitle of the article by the UK’s The Guardian.

However the best one we saw thus far was from Addicting who proclaimed, “Insane Iowa Republicans Literally Want To Let Toddlers Carry Guns,” and ran an introductory paragraph commenting that, “If Iowa Republicans have their way, toddlers will be able to carry guns, which makes the state the scariest in the nation,” before closing with, “The bill now heads to the Democrat-controlled Iowa Senate, where logic and reason will hopefully prevail,” without actually pointing out that the bill still mandates adult supervision.

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