Gun range offers classes for kids (VIDEO)

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Some parents are bringing their children to a gun range in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, so they can learn how to use a firearm. Those who support the idea say it’s a matter of safety, while others who oppose it, say it’s dangerous and disturbing.

“What’s the first thing we do as mothers when we have children around swimming?” asks Bren Brown, owner of Frontier Justice. “We drag them to swimming lessons, so they don’t drown.”

Part of the goal of the class, which is geared specifically toward children, is to remove the mystery of firearms and teach kids how to safely handle a gun.

Many area police departments said they support the idea, but it’s the irresponsible gun owners who have them concerned. Likewise, Loren Stanton with the Kansas chapter of the Brady Campaign, said these type of classes only reiterate American gun culture and make kids all too familiar with firearms, while giving parents a false sense of security that their children will be safe in the presence of a gun.

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