In-depth on the Fugly Mosin SBR (VIDEO)

Yes, it’s Norwegian Green. Yes, it’s a 10.5-inch barrel with a Polish AK pistol grip. Yes, it’s kinda dumb. But, yes, it’s also mad quiet with the can on and subsonic ammo loaded.

Eric and the IV8888 crew have been quietly working on their Mosin 91 short-barreled rifle build, loving termed the Fugly Mk.II and dropped a teaser video last week but are now back with a much longer visit.

The gun includes a Vortex Sparc II optic set up scout rifle style (and yes, it still takes stripper clips), a custom rear grip/stock, and hushup via a AAC 7.62-SDN-6 suppressor and special 7.62x54R subsonic rounds.

They are sure to stretch it out past the 100 to show the gun can still clock in at distance past its pistol-length barrel (with a spotter).

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