ID town posts sign declaring it is ‘Not a Gun Free Zone’ (VIDEO)

The tiny Idaho town of Greenleaf made a not-so-subtle effort to let outsiders know that the local residents are armed and crime is best taken elsewhere.

“We are a big family out here in Greenleaf,” said resident Kelly McBride. “It’s a small town. I think all of us having a gun shows that we are a respectable society.”

The sign, which is actually one of five in the town that have been up for a couple of months, didn’t cost the town a dime because it was funded completely by donations. The Idaho Transportation did have to give approval to post the signs, however, since they were to be placed on state property, but that wasn’t a problem.

In the town of just over 800, guns are in nearly every household and crime is almost nonexistence, but residents say the signs simply offer “an extra layer of protection.”

“There’s a right place for guns,” McBride said. “A place that they can be used. We should have the right to protect ourselves from criminals and hopefully these kind of signs deter crime in the long run.”

[ KBOI ]

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