CVS manager fired after fighting back against armed robbers (VIDEO)

When a Beltsville, Maryland, pharmacy was being robbed Friday morning, the store’s manager fought back against the suspects – an action that later cost him his job.

Joe Morici, the now former manager of CVS, was working when two suspects entered the business, jumped over the counter and started loading up on narcotics after prying the safe open with a screwdriver.

With scripts in hand, the robbers then made their way to door for their escape, but Morici followed them.

“He tried to hit me again with the screwdriver,” said Morici of one of the suspects. “I disarmed him of the screwdriver, while having the other guy pinned against the one door.”

The pharmacy manager held the robbers until police arrived, and while fellow employees called his actions heroic, the company didn’t feel the same way. In fact, Morici was canned later that day for violating the company’s strict policy prohibiting employees from confronting robbers.

“I did seven years in the military; a year overseas and that instinctive behavior is not something you can just turn a switch, and it doesn’t happen anymore,” Morici said. “I didn’t act in the way CVS wanted, but I acted in the way that was right and I still stand by that.”

Morici doesn’t know what’s next for him, but he does know that his actions kept those pills from leaving the store and he’s okay with that.

[ Fox 25 ]

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