Hickok45 checks out the AR7 Survival Rifle (VIDEO)

The AR7, based on the Air Forces’ favorite backpack .22, has been around for over fifty years, looks almost identical to the newest survival rifle offerings and, unsurprisingly, is still going strong.

The Eugene Stoner-designed AR-7, well known for its almost magical take down abilities, made cameos in at least two different Bond movies as well as in the Get Smart television series in the 60s as a high-tech spy gun. This, and the fact that its a 2-pound backpack gun, kept its appeal alive and made it a decent enough seller for ArmaLite that it kept the company afloat even after they sold off their big money maker, the AR-15, to Colt.

Made by numerous companies since then, the guns are currently in production by Henry Arms, which is the version that Hickok got his hands on.

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