Is GunBlocker the ultimate gun locking device? (VIDEO)

GunBlocker is an internal gun lock that unlike other gun lock designs, locks the gun on the inside. This is meant to provide superior security against unauthorized third party use.

Rich Wilson, co-owner of GunBlocker, showed off his products to at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where he was showcasing his pistol locking device.

“We have an internal gun lock that is specially made for almost every type of caliber,” he said. “This is not for your carry gun or your gun by your bed at night, but it’s for every other firearm in your house.”

It consists of three basic parts; the block, the lock and the key stick. Once installed on your pistol, it is intended to render it unusable.

Wilson believes that his locks are especially useful for when guns are taken out of our safe at home and transported to the range because there is a lot of range bag theft.

GunBlocker for pistols retails for $19.99. They also make a lock for AR-15’s that retails for $39.95.

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