Self-identified terrorist beheads child near Moscow metro station (VIDEO)

WARNING: Although they have been edited, some may find the following videos disturbing.

A 38-year-old nanny from Uzbekistan is in custody after reportedly decapitating the young child for which she was supposed to be caring.

Witnesses said the woman walked out onto the sidewalk near the busy metro station in Moscow Friday and pulled the child’s severed head from a bag. She then walked around while holding the child’s head, screaming mad rants about being a terrorist.

Authorities say the woman killed the child, who was reported to be four years old, in a nearby apartment, then set the apartment on fire.

The child’s mother was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment when she fell unconscious after hearing the news of her murdered child.

Speculations abound whether the woman was actually a terrorist, mentally ill or under the influence of a mind-altering substance.

[ RT News ]

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