SilencerCo's tech division releases ramped-up rangefinder

Radius side mount

The Radius range finder by SilencerCo Weapons Research mounted to a rifle. (Photo: SWR)

SilencerCo Weapons Research, the popular silencer maker’s skunkworks branch, released this week its inaugural product called the Radius, a rail-mounted, feature-rich range finder.

The Utah-based company launched SWR with the mission to develop affordable, high-tech accessories for shooters, and with the Radius the company tries to stay true to that promise.

Under a retail price of $999, the electro-optic can reach reflective targets up to a mile away, and non-reflective targets up to 1,000 yards away, the company said.

The Radius mounts on a Picatinny rail positioned on any side of a rifle, including atop the scope, with the idea that the shooter doesn’t have to completely break contact with the gun in order to do ranging. Orientation of the display can be adjusted with a finger-tightened screw, to keep the display visible and upright regardless of mounting location.

SWR Radius

The shooter’s display is adjustable for mounting on any side. (Photo: SWR)

Besides the novel mounting system, this optic has a ton of features. The display is customizable by the user, including brightness and whether meters or yards are measured. There are visible and infrared lasers, the former of which can be used for ranging and then blocked. Range resolution is one meter. It can be set for single-shot or continuous shooting operation.

Also, the Radius can provide information on up to three range selections at once — primary, secondary and tertiary, as chosen by the user.

SWR didn’t forget this high-tech device is made for the outdoors. It’s shock-resistant regardless of caliber, and water resistant. There’s a pressure pad included for remote operation (the switch is sold for $21). SWR said the Radius works in temperatures from -20F to 120F.

Compared to other rangefinders, it’s on the petite side, but not by much. The Radius is 2.3 inches high, 2.96 wide, 5.8 inches long, and weighs 18.2 ounces with batteries inserted.

Two CR-123A batteries power and are included with the Radius. Run time is up to 12 hours. The company provides an instructional video for new users.

The Radius is currently available from SWR for $999. Military, first responder, and law enforcement buyers receive a discount when purchasing through B&H Police Supply.

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