A little tour of $50,000+ Perazzis (VIDEO)

I walked by the plush Peruzzi booth many times at SHOT Show over the years, always curious about these beautiful guns but aware that they’re not in my price range. Still, like Ferraris or Lamborghinis, I can dream. Finally, at this years show, I decided to stop and ask for a tour of the booth and the Perazzi folks were more than happy to show me around.

Al Kondak, manager or Peruzzi USA, gave me a tour of their firearms and explained what makes them so special. Perazzi is noted for their removable trigger groups, high quality build and high prices (US$7,500 – $440,000). Its founder is Daniele Perazzi, and his family owns and operates it. The company sells American Trap, American Skeet, Olympic and Doubles Trap, Olympic Skeet, Pigeon and Sporting models.


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