Deputies save American flag from tornado debris (VIDEO)

FOX10 News | WALA

After a powerful EF3 tornado ripped through Pensacola Tuesday night and ravaged numerous homes, first responders were there to help rescue several people who were trapped under debris. And as news crews were on the scene, they captured an unexpected moment: Escambia County sheriff’s deputies showing respect to an American flag found in the rubble.

Sgt. Stephen Schaff was the one who first found the flag and picked it up, another deputy later helping him to get it up off of the ground by tying it to a staircase banister.

Schaff, a 20-year veteran of the force who has also served in the Air Force for 34 years and did six tours overseas, was shocked at the reaction from the act, which he did not realize at the time was caught on camera.

In an emotional interview, Schaff said the American flag is a symbol that gives people strength and hope – something needed for the more than 100 families who were affected by the damaging tornado that night.

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