Fugitive tries to conceal identity by chewing off fingerprints (VIDEO)

A man who was on Florida’s list of most wanted fugitives is behind bars after a traffic stop in Ohio, despite his efforts to hide his identity by chewing off his own fingerprints.

A police officer out of Tallmadge, Ohio, noticed what he believed to be suspicious activity outside of an apartment complex early Sunday morning. The officer ran the license plate on the vehicle involved in the activity and learned the owner of the car had a suspended driver’s license.

The officer then approached the vehicle and asked for identification from the occupants. Kirk Kelly, 24, who was wanted out of Florida, could produce no ID, but also gave the officer two different names, neither of which were legit.

“So they tell the guy they’re going to check his fingerprints with a mobile device we’ve got that can check them,” said Tallmadge Police Chief Ron Williams, “and the guy responded by actually chewing his fingertips so he couldn’t be identified.”

Kelly, however, wasn’t nearly as clever as he thought he was, because as it turns out, he has large, distinctive tattoos which helped authorities to identify him.

Kelly is now being held in the Summit County Jail, facing charges for evidence tampering, resisting arrest, falsification and obstructing official business. He’s soon to be extradited to Florida, where he’ll also answer for accusations of racketeering, delivery of ecstasy, having firearms and ammunition as a felon, having firearms while engaging in crime, unlawful use of a two-way device, possessing controlled substances and transporting drug paraphernalia.

Additionally, authorities believe Kelly may be responsible for illegally selling more than a dozen guns linked to different homicides.

[ Akron Beacon Journal ]

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