Birchwood Casey innovates the humble bore light

Birchwood Casey bore light

New bore tool utilizes ambient light. (Photo: Birchwood Casey)

Dead bore light batteries are a thing of the past, but with Birchwood Casey’s new take on bore lights — the new UV-powered bore light, which utilizes ambient light — the package is affordable.

J Borelight

The device also works as a chamber flag. (Photo: Birchwood Casey)

The little, apparently plastic, J-shaped device is simple to use—the hook end is inserted into the chamber area of an unloaded firearm, and lights up the bore so one can make a visual check for fouling, obstructions, or evaluating a cleaning job.

Birchwood Casey also recommends the UV bore light for use as a chamber flag.

Nothing wrong with getting multiple uses out of a single tool, though we caution to then use that bore light to check for obstructions after using any device as a chamber flag that could potentially leave “shavings” in the bore.

These little gadgets are just $5.40, come two to a package. Too bad the holidays are past because these would have made excellent stocking stuffers.

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