ATF: Missing guns down in 2015


(Graph: ATF)

Roughly 15,000 guns were lost or stolen in the U.S. during the calendar year 2015, according to stats released by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Federal law requires the ATF to compile the stats of firearms either lost or stolen from federal firearms licensed dealers annually. The report indicates types of firearms, how they were stolen, or if they lost.

According to the report, 14,800 firearms were determined to be lost or stolen last year, which is down 4,429 from 2014. Burglaries made up 4,721, larcenies 1,120, robberies 322, and 8,637 guns were lost.

Of the total, handguns including pistols, revolvers and derringers totaled 7,915; rifles 3,436; and shotguns 2,063.

National Firearms Act items totaled 139 stolen or lost firearms, with silencers making up 105, 30 machine guns, three destructive devices and one any other weapon.

Arkansas reported the most missing firearms with 2,951, including 2,754 reported lost. However, the ATF’s report states that the increase were caused by audits in the state.

Otherwise, Texas reported 1,024 missing guns, including 838 thefts; Florida reported 700 missing guns, including 541 thefts; and Georgia reported 683 missing guns, including 587 thefts.

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