Progressive FORCE Concepts Ballistic Off-Body Bag (VIDEO)

Every now and then a product catches my eye. The Progressive Force Concept Ballistic Off-Body Bag, or BOBB, did this recently during a CCW course in Las Vegas, Nevada.

PFC’s BOBB is a concealed carry bag designed for practical off-body weapons carry. This 100 percent American-made product begins with a low profile (non-tactical) cross-body shoulder bag that houses a custom vacuum formed holster, ID panel, gear storage compartments, and 6×18 inches of level IIIA body armor across the user’s chest and pelvis.

Deployment from the carry system is rapid, positive and intuitive with presentation times equivalent to traditional belt carry. In certain environments like hot weather, the gym, when wearing clothes without belt loops, where cover garments are impractical, or the need to carry additional equipment is a must, the BOBB has many advantages.

Its performance when seated and even belted into a motor vehicle solves many belt-mounted problems. And for those who must be discreet, “printing” is a thing of the past. BOBB systems are available in two non-tactical colors; navy blue and forest green, and interior holsters are custom ordered for your specified handgun.

Check out the PFC BOBB product page here.

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