STI adds two to DVC competition pistol line

DVC Classic

The match-ready DVC Classic. (Photo: STI International)

STI International added two new competition pistols in theDVC line, specifically for the USPSA or three gun competitor looking for a match-ready gun off the shelf.

The DVC Classic is available in 9mm or 45 ACP and also within the guidelines for the USPSA single stack division. It features the customary DVC 2.5-pound trigger, with the DVC hammer and sear. The rear sight is adjustable. It’s built on STI’s forged Master Series frame and features VZ Operator II grips.

Multiple components of the Classic are made by Dawson Precision. These include the tool-less guide rod, a drilled, tapped, and extended magazine release, a fiber optic front sight and an “ice” mag well.

The finish is hardened chrome; the barrel is coated with titanium nitride. Suggested retail price of the DVC Classic is $2,799.

For the three gun competitor, STI offers the DVC 3-GUN, in 9mm only. Its longer, 5.4-inch barrel is titanium nitride-coated. Several cut-outs on the slide provide weight reduction. Like the Classic, the 3-GUN has the DVC 2.5-pound trigger. The finish is what STI calls DLC, for diamond-like carbon. It has STI’s tactical aluminum magazine well.

Hand stippling of the 3-GUN’s grip is done by Extreme Shooters, an Arizona company. Suggested retail is $2,999.

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