The ultimate in smart potato guns can capture a drone with a flying net (VIDEO)

A British company has come up with a marketable counter-drone bazooka that uses compressed gas and an on-board computer to hem up offending unmanned aircraft and parachute them to earth.

Open Works Engineering from quiet Riding Mill, England, this week debuted their SkyWall 100 Anti-Drone Defense System which uses a gas-powered launcher, an “intelligent projectile” filled with a rapidly-deployable net, and a smart scope that, once it acquires a target, uses an on-board computer to calculate the trajectory of the drone and guide the user to a tonal lock-on.

Kinda like a Stinger missile, but more spud gun.

Once fired, the projectile ideally wraps up said offending quad rotor or UFO with an airborne net, then lands the drone safely to the ground so that it can be investigated. Or resold on eBay. Either way.

Besides the net/parachute projectile, they also have one that is an airborne ECM jammer, which is kinda cool in a whole different way.

No price is listed, but we are guessing since they skipped on the Schedule 40 PVC and Aqua Net, it’s probably past the range of most impulse buys. Plus they had to pay the Abercrombie guy to model the drone blaster and outfit him in snazzy black BDUs, cause nothing says drone killin’ like an blonde dude with a firm chin and an empty tac vest, amirite?

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