Benelli offering agencies chance to trade up to a new Nova Tactical shotgun

Benelli offering agencies chance to trade up to a new Nova Tactical shotgun

If you are a lawman with a beat up old shotgun and $250, Benelli wants to talk to you. (Photo: Benelli)

The shotgun maker this week announced a program set to run the rest of the year in which officers and agencies can trade in any old duty shotgun for a steep discount on a new Nova.

As part of the program, in exchange for their old guns, law enforcement officers will be able to buy a new BenelliNova Tactical for $250 through thier local LE dealer. The normal cost of one of these scatterguns, built to stuff 7+1 12 gauge shells inside their tube mag resting under an 18.5 inch barrel, is $499– which means cash-strapped departments (or officers) with an old burner worth less than the $249 offset and an interest in Italian pumps could come out ahead.

But Benelli is OK with that.

“America’s law enforcement personnel deserve the best equipment available to them, which is why we want to make sure all officers and their departments know about Benelli LE’s Trade In/Trade Up Promotion,” said Bill Pugh, Benelli USA’s vice president of sales in a statement. “By trading in any old duty shotgun and taking advantage of the purchase credit, we hope every officer will be able to reap the benefits of Benelli performance and reliability.”

Agencies and officers can contact their nearest Benelli LE dealer for more information. The Trade In/Trade Up program will run through Dec.31.

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