'Bitchin’ Betty' is retiring from the F-18 program (VIDEO)

Leslie Shook, who has long voiced the audible warnings built into every F/A-18 Hornet, is retiring though her stern warnings to military aviators will live on.

The Boeing employee, responsible as for such hits as “Roll Right! Roll Right” and “Pull Up! Pull Up!” is better known to flight crew as “Bitchin’ Betty” as are similar such warnings in other platforms.

However, Shook, or should we say Betty, takes the term with a grain of salt and treasures her role in helping to save lives.

“I got a phone call one day from a friend who wanted me to come over,” said Shook. “She had an aircrew there and he got the call to ‘Roll Right’…And he did. And he said if he hadn’t rolled right when it said to, he’d have gone in the drink. He’d have died…That’s pretty overwhelming to hear things like that.”

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