Would you pick up this .357 magnum-armed hitchhiker? Lots of people did (VIDEO)


Jeremy Bryant, legally open carrying his wheelgun on his side, hitchhiked 420 miles across Oregon and back to attend his grandfather’s funeral and made a documentary of his travels.

Over a two day period last July, Bryant relied on the declining art of thumbing it to get him from his home near Klamath Falls to the site of the funeral near Roseburg, a rural area of the state thrown into the national spotlight last year after a mass shooting at Umpqua Community College.

Interestingly, those who initially stopped and offered him transpo– even after they found out Bryant was armed– went through with the ride.

“I was expecting a harder time getting rides,” said Bryant, “yet I do not leave my firearm anywhere. I was incredibly surprised that every single person greeted me with a smile…and offered me a ride even after telling them that I was carrying a .357 on my side.”

In his travels he was given a job offer, two unfinished opals, oh yeah, and lots of free rides.

In the end, Bryant looks to break down stereotypes of gun owners by showing that firearms can be an acceptable part of a functioning society.

His 13-minute smartphone documentary is above.

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