Hickok45 staves off assault from 200 two-liters with a pair of MP40s (VIDEO)

If you are dying of thirst for sugary carbonated beverages this may be hard to watch, but it sure does look like a blast and it seems Hickok45 got the secret to reloading these down pat.

Although commonly called the “Schmeisser” after German room broom engineer Hugo Schmeisser, the inventor of the MP18 and MP28 sub guns– among the first generation of the type– the Maschinenpistole 40 was actually designed by Heinrich Vollmer as an upgrade to his own MP36 and EMP-35 series guns.

While some researchers have showed that much of Vollmer’s design could be inspired by previous work done by Schmeisser, nonetheless, it is Vollmer’s name on the patent. Schmeisser held the patent on the weapon’s magazine, which he had designed for his own unsuccessful wooden-stocked MP41. Nevertheless, Allied troops examining captured examples of the MP40 in World War II took to calling it “The Schmeisser” and the name stuck.

But no matter what you call it, the 8.75-pound MP40 is good at popping out 9mm with a super manageable recoil at about 500 rounds per minute.

Speaking of pop…

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