Man stabbed in terrorist attack, pulls knife from neck, stabs attacker


A man who was stabbed multiple times during a terrorist attack Tuesday in Petah Tikva, Israel, surprised his assailant with a counter-attack using a knife he pulled from his own neck.

Yonatan Azarihab was collecting money for charity when he walked into a wine shop and was followed by the Palestinian terrorist. The terrorist then stabbed Azarihab multiple times in what police described as a “frenzied attack.”

After being stabbed multiple times in the upper body, Azarihab was able to escape and ran out of the store. At that point, the shop’s owner intervened and hit the attacker in an attempt to subdue him. Moments later, the stabbing victim returned to the store, pulled the knife out of his neck and started stabbing his attacker.

The suspect died within a few minutes.

Azarihab was transported to the hospital for medical treatment and was last listed in moderate condition. The shop owner was unharmed.

Initial reports indicated that the stabbing was fueled by an altercation between the two men, but authorities later confirmed that wasn’t the case and it was, in fact, a terrorist attack.

[ Times of Israel ]

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