Scouring an armor plate with a Minigun (VIDEO)

The FullMag guys borrowed a Lenco Bearcat with an optional M134 Minigun sunroof to see how many rounds they could get on the plate before it hit the ground.

Now the AR500 plates they used were unsecured which means the first impact put the armor in motion, but surprisingly few hits were made even though the modern day gatling gun was cranking them out at some 3,000 rounds per minute.

Miniguns are neat and date back to the Vietnam era with the M134 itself originally made by General Electric and updated numerous times since then by the likes of Dillon, Garwood and Degrote among others.

Speaking of Degrote M134s, ICYMI, Richard and the FullMag crew used one mounted on a Hughes 500 Little Bird to stitch up an iPad last year. Video below.

And yes, the Bearcat, miniguns and Little Bird are all legally civilian owned. You never know what’s in someone’s garage, so be polite!

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