15 Seasons later, here's the Mythbusters supercut (VIDEO)

With 282 episodes in the hole from a 14-year run, here is some of the best explosions, gun play, wrecks and rocketry of Adam, Jamie, Kari, Grant and Tori mashed into one epic clip.

Vimeo user Thomas Crenshaw compiled the clip with Blur’s Song 2 in the background, drawing extensively from the nearly 3,000 experiments done by Adam and Jamie as well as the tragically cut Built Team which left the show in 2014 much to the dismay of fans everywhere.

Gratefully, everyone more or less came out of the past 15 seasons intact, though a bunch of windows were blown out in  the town of Esparto, California due to a 500-pound ANFO explosion in 2009 and an errant cannon ball went bouncing through a neighborhood in 2011, damaging a home.

Farewell, Busters. It was a good run.

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