Crime stoppers group offers $250 for anonymous tips on guns

Crime stoppers group offers $250 for anyommous tips on guns

Know of an illegal gun and need $250? Crime Stoppers wants to talk to you.

A Virginia crime stopper group is offering a $250 cash bounty for information from the public that leads to recovery of an illegal firearm.

“Gun250 is not a ‘buy-back’ program. The program let’s concerned citizens know that they can easily provide information related to illegally-possessed guns, all while remaining completely anonymous,” reads the website for the Metro Richmond Crime Stoppers.

Began this month the program was set up to reduce gun violence on city streets by increasing tips to police on where illegal firearms or those who use them are. The payout is for information that leads to either the recovery of the gun or arrest of an offender.

Tipsters can either drop a dime by phone, website or text and, as the group says, “We don’t have to know who you are to find out who they are.”

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