Going deep cover with the S&W 638 Bodyguard (VIDEO)

With the recent semi-auto handgun and others made by Smith & Wesson now dubbed the “Bodyguard,” Hickok45 clears the air on the more classic shrouded-hammer wheelgun of the same name.

Weighting in at just 15 ounces flat, today’s S&W Model 638 (Airweight) continues the long line of J-frame “Bodyguard” chief’s special type revolvers made by Smith over the generations. With an alloy frame and steel cylinder, these lightweight snubbies still pack five shots of .38 Special +P, giving them a pretty hefty bark when needed, and have all of the benefits of being a near-snagless and very concealable concealed carry piece while still being DA/SA.

And Hick seems to have no problem at all with figuring out how to put it on steel even with its 1.875-inch barrel.

“With this, you can have your cake and eat it too,” he says.

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