Little gun causes big flap and it’s not even in stores yet

Ideal Conceal

The Ideal Conceal is reportedly slated for mid-2016 production. (Photo: Ideal Conceal)

Ideal Conceal is the name of a two-round capacity, .380 derringer made to look like a smartphone. According to the developer’s Facebook page, a prototype is expected in May and the gun should be ready for sales in mid-2016.

The concept is straightforward. A polished exterior and clip, and a grip that folds into the gun when not in use, create a hidden-in-plain-sight effect. Like any derringer, the capacity and overall design lend themselves to close-range engagements not requiring a high level of accuracy.

It’s a novel design that appears to address the common concern of quick access to a self-defense gun.  The brand’s website makes its intent clear: “The idea of Ideal Conceal follows the present-day demand for handguns that people can carry on a day to day basis, in a manner that makes carrying a gun easy to do. From soccer moms to professionals of every type, this gun allows you the option of not being a victim.”

However, controversy has arisen in some corners of the online world about the Ideal Conceal. One post even wound up on fact-check website There, a claim is examined, saying the gun is devised by criminals as a ruse for police officers.

Guns disguised to look like everyday items are, of course, nothing new. Try searching the web for “umbrella gun,” or “wallet gun,” for example. Difference is, nowadays it’s commonplace for folks to break out cell phones and film incidents involving police.

Exchanges between the company and critics can be seen on Ideal Conceal’s Facebook feed.  In one, an unidentified individual behind the brand offers sensible advice to not do things like rapidly draw anything from a waistband while participating in police-ogling.

At day’s end, the Ideal Conceal is just another handgun, albeit in a package no one yet associates with a gun. And it will be the actions of the persons holding it, not the device itself, that are either justified or evil, lawful or unlawful.

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