Will you run towards gunfire or away from it? (VIDEO)

Will you run towards gunfire or away from it? If your answer is ‘towards’, then are you properly prepared?

This is the question Tyler Bailey, law enforcement and lead trainer at Paladin Defensive Solutions, and Greg Wohler, owner and CEO of Valkyrie Combat, are asking trained concealed carry permit holders.

Guns.com published a text by Bailey earlier this week discussing the topic, which inspired the video. He says general conflict resolution training teaches that confrontation should avoided except as a last resort. This is wise in most cases. But what about an active shooter situation? What then is the role of a trained concealed carry permit holder? And the word ‘trained’ cannot be stressed enough.

We’ve all heard that if only there had been “a good guy with a gun” the outcome may have been different in San Bernadino or Aurora, Colorado or even Paris, France. There’s much debate as to whether “a good guy with a gun” would know what to do in a high stress situation. Unless, of course, they trained for it.

So we go back to the original question: are you the kind of person that will run towards gun fire or away from it?

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