16-year-old arrested for gang shooting that killed toddler (VIDEO)

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A 16-year-old boy was arrested Thursday for the part he played in a deadly gang-related drive-by shooting that claimed the life of a 22-month-old boy in Jacksonville, Florida, back in January.

Aiden McClendon was sitting in a car with his grandmother in front of the toddler’s home when the vehicle was sprayed with bullets intended for Aiden’s 19-year-old cousin. His cousin was not harmed, but the toddler suffered life-threatening injuries and later died at the hospital.

Henry Hayes IV, 16, was arrested last week for accessory to murder. Hayes is currently one of two people in custody, but authorities say there are more suspects to pursue.

“We’ve already forgiven whoever, whoever did it. We can’t go around and be hating them, as much as we want to hate them, can’t do that. I wasn’t raised like that, and I didn’t raise her like that,” said Rhonda McDowell, Aiden’s grandmother.

The family said Aiden’s death has wrecked their lives and it’s frustrating to know the shooting stemmed from a gang rivalry that included the two gangs taunting each other in rap videos.

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