Magpul sues Gibbz Arms over patent infringement


Sketch of a “firearm accessory mounting interface” that Magpul has patented. (Photo: USPTO)

Popular firearm accessory maker, Magpul Industries, filed suit over an alleged infringement on three of its patents.

Gibbz Arms, of Mesa, Arizona, implemented Magpul’s designs for products such as accessory rails and handguards for AR-15 rifles, according to the lawsuit filed March 4.

According to a search of the U.S. Patents & Trademark Office, the specific patents listed in the complaint cover a type of “firearm accessory mounting interface.” Magpul has more than 200 patents registered with the USPTO.

Also, the lawsuit says Gibbz continued to produce at least one item knowing it infringed on Magpul’s design because the Austin-based company sent it a notice in October 2015.

Magpul has been involved in 19 patent suits since 2009, often coming out on top, according to a docket search in the federal court system. The company currently has one other patent suit pending.

Magpul has asked the court to be awarded damages and to order Gibbz to destroy inventory that infringes on Magpul’s patents.

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