How would you react to a shootout with a Smart car for cover and concealment? (VIDEO)

It would almost be comical if not for the seriousness of Italian combat arms instructor and international man of mystery, Instructor Zero.

WATCH as Zero takes on two cardboard assailants held aloft at varying positions by unwieldy-as-hell looking poles.

SEE as the former Italian paratrooper pumps round after round fearlessly over, around and through the Smart car, working his angles to minimize his exposure while setting up the shot.

LEARN as Zero crab-walks around the rear passenger side, dropping to perform emergency reloads to the soundtrack of Blackhawk Down without once having to pause to say “Thisismysafety” in an Italian accent at an outstretched index finger.

Would you like to know more?

Watch the bonus vid below on implementing the counter assault from the position of the driver’s seat of said Smart car.

Pro Tip: Don’t ever let Zero borrow your car. We just hope this one isn’t a lease. They have a penalty if you go over the mileage or riddle it with bullets.

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