Not the kind of feisty cougar you want to fool with (VIDEO)

A Utah conservation officer went the extra mile to release a trapped and rather unhappy mountain lion without the help of tranquilizer darts.

Caught by a licensed trapper in a trap meant for coyotes or bobcats, the large cougar was hemmed up by the paw until Utah Division of Wildlife Resources conservation officer Mark Ekins responded to the call with a couple of catch poles.

The six-minute video filmed by Ekins shows the game warden and the trapper move in on the growling animal, secure the big cat’s head just inches from their faces with a catch pole and a blanket, and release his paw from the trap after a couple of tense attempts.

After retreating a few feet away and taking a time out, the cougar bounds off into the brush.

Under Utah law, trappers can either release unwanted or unlicensed animals themselves or call in DWR for assistance.

“It could be a potential dangerous situation,” Ekins told KSL. “Anytime they feel uncomfortable at all, we’d definitely rather them call us and allow us to help them rather than take a chance of injuring an animal.”

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