Sporty sunglasses that record HD video (VIDEO) stopped by the iVue Camera booth at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and thought that they were an interesting product.

Everyone’s familiar with GoPros which require you to strap or mount them on. iVue on the other hand are sporty sunglasses with interchangeable lenses with a little camera built in between the eyes. The camera records in HD video at 1080P/30fps and 720P/30fps and 60fps.

A tiny button on the side of the frame allows you to start and stop recording video and audio. The button makes little beep when you start and stop the recording. In addition, an indicator light on the inner right arm of the glasses flashes while recording. You need to plug them in with a supplied cord to charge the built-in battery.

The lens has a good angle of view of 135 degrees which makes it good for recording hunting or shooting guns or riding your bike. iVue’s come with an 8GB memory card that you can expand to a 32GB.

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