From a Mosquito to a Firefly

GSG Firefly

The “new” .22 GSG Firefly, formerly the Sig Sauer Mosquito. (Photo: German Sport Guns)

Fans of the Sig Sauer Mosquito may experience brand confusion when shopping for a new pistol later this year as German Sport Guns has fully adopted the design.

German Sport Guns, it turns out, has always made the popular Sig-branded .22 semi-auto. GSG announced last month it will self-brand the gun as the GSG Firefly and Sig will no longer sell the model.

GSG said American Tactical Imports, the U.S. distributor for GSG, will carry the Firefly. The gun itself is to remain unchanged under GSG, except for the logo and name stamp.

The elimination of the Mosquito is due to internal policy changes at Sig. Those changes were implemented in 2015. As of this writing, the Mosquito still appears on Sig’s website, but there is not yet a listing for the Firefly on ATI’s handgun page, so it’s unclear when this change will trickle down to private gun buyers.

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