A Japanese prefecture is looking for six full-time ninjas. No, seriously

A Japanese prefecture is looking for six full-time ninjas. No, seriously

This is a picture from the recruitment website. Glasses and gold-lamé with sequins are in for ninja this season. We can’t make this stuff up. (Photo: Aichi-Nagoya.jp)

Like to travel to far off lands with a stack of death stars in your front pockets and some sweet nunchucks in your back? Well update your resume and grab your smoke bombs.

As reported by Japan Today, Aichi Prefecture on central Honshu Island, you know, the Tokai region, is actively seeking a half-dozen straight-up shinobi. These ancient covert mercenaries, skilled in assassination and able to pull off sometimes super human/almost magical tricks like invisibility, walking on water, or getting a concealed carry permit in San Francisco County, will be used to promote tourism at the historic Nagoya Castle which dates back to 1610.

According to the website set up for ninja recruitment, applicants will have to be able to perform acrobatics, throw shurikens, and just be willing to do random ninja type stuff. However, in a departure from their traditional war in the shadows, the Nagoya Castle’s dark combat masters must also be willing to pose for pics.

“Our ninjas also have to be good at talking to promote tourism, although ninjas are basically required to be secretive,” said Satoshi Adachi with the prefectural government’s tourism group.

Don’t sweat it if you are a little rusty on your ninjutsu, or a slow kid from Anaheim with red hair who likes cake, as non-Japanese are welcome to apply and a one month training course is mandatory.

Get to cracking though, because the deadline for applications in March 22 and remember, you’ve already lost a day due to the International Date Line thing. Pay is only $1,600 a month, but you can always moonlight and you get a one year contract which is rare in a field where job security is hard to come by.

[ Japan Today ]

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