And the prize for the cheesiest gun of the year goes to...(VIDEO)

For those with a rack full of magnum champagne bottles, a proclivity to wearing sunglasses indoors, and a taste for club music we give you the Champagne Gun.

If you do nothing else you have to watch the over the top promo video for this $459 new venture (available in gold, rose gold, and chrome finishes) which features a guy with Bruce Willis’s hairline from the 90s chasing his daughter’s best friend around a boat as he blasts her with said bubbly gatt, a cutaway showing you can use the gun to trickle hooch into a few glasses like a dude with an enlarged prostate, a switch to a young lady who can really duck face as she randomly soaks innocent bystanders, and then…this guy:

Who really seems to take his love for all things Champagne Gun to the next level. Like get a room type of next level.

Dismantle your competition at the club, folks. Get your CG today!

Or buy a Glock and go to the range. About the same money. Just saying.

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