Jerry Miculek visits with a suppressed M249S SAW (VIDEO)

Perhaps the fastest shooter in the biz today, Jerry Miculek, clocks in with FN’s belt-fed 5.56mm semi-auto– but rings the steel so fast you wouldn’t know it.

The 17-pound rifle masquerading as a machine gun was introduced last fall as part of the FN Military Collector Series.

Why a $7,999 semi-auto only SAW? Why not, right?

It’s something neat for collectors who want that extra something for the man cave that Carl doesn’t already have. It’s a good novelty conversation starter at the range, kinda like that guy who creeps around the beach with the huge snake around his shoulders cruising for chicks. Plus, if the Hughes Amendment ever gets scrapped, all you need to replace some innards and do some paperwork to let the real fun begin.

Or, you can always just get as fast as Jerry.

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