NYPD pistol program may need an overhaul

If what I read is true, there’s a problem with NYPDs firearm selection and training program.

Possible rumor warning: It’s been said that officers in NYC can choose a Sig P226, a Glock 19 or a S&W 5946.  I have not been able to verify that, but it sounds legit (nevertheless, I have heard feedback that the department does suffer when it comes to handgun training).

Truth or rumor, I just want to analyze the choice of these handguns a bit.

Right off the bat, I have a problem with one of those three guns. The 5906 (or it’s cousin, the 5946) is perhaps the worst, most unreliable pistols I’ve ever used. If that gun is still around in their armory, that’s a big time problem (at least in my mind).

The Glock is good to go. I wouldn’t understand why, though, they wouldn’t have a full size Glock option (the G17). The caliber is good, in my opinion—9mm—though like I’ve said before, the caliber debate really doesn’t matter.  Training does.

Of course, choosing the right gun matters too. Frankly, if it’s true that NYPD has kept the 5900 series pistol in their arsenal, it’s time to get with the times and have some major change management with the gun program there.

The other thing I understand about NYPD is that the guns have been adjusted to 12 pound trigger pulls for every shot. Now, that sounds ridiculous because, if the P226 is a DA/SA, making the trigger heavier on the Glock would be ludicrous (if it’s even possible to do that to a striker fire trigger like a Glock). But that’s the word. Perhaps it’s rumor, I don’t know.

Let’s talk about the Sig. Sig Sauer made a DAO trigger a while back, called the DAK.  Their law enforcement sales team tried to push that gun to multiple agencies (e.g. Chicago). The sales pitch probably went something like this:

“With this heavy 12 pound trigger pull for every shot, you won’t have to teach officers about decocking. Further, if officers put their fingers on the trigger,  it’s less likely that they’ll be an AD if they haven’t made the decision to fire.”

Frankly, I hate the Sig DAK.  I would never recommend getting that gun or deliberately making a 12 pound trigger for every shot on any gun.

Having a good trigger is important. Having quality training, like knowing how to decock and keeping your finger off the trigger, is essential. Knowing how and when to shoot is critical to anyone carrying a gun for self defense, especially for cops.

I carried the Sig P226 as a cop in Dallas, and I carried a Sig P229 as a Federal Air Marshal, and I’ve gone to Sig armorer school. The DA/SA Sig is a fantastic gun. I wish I owned one. But everything else seems to be a training issue. I mean, if NYPD is having problems, and if the rumors are true that all their triggers are 12 pound pulls, perhaps they have the P226 DAK, which is a huge mistake.

The bottom line is training is important, but sometimes getting any shooter to be better takes ten times longer with shoddy equipment.

The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the position of Guns.com.

Safety warning: Jeffrey Denning is a long time self-defense professional and any training methods or information he describes in his articles are intended to be put into practice only by serious shooters with proper training.  Please read, but do not attempt anything posted here without first seeking out proper training.

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