Hunt hogs from a climate-controlled 4×4 van (VIDEO)

Hal Shouse runs Hog SWAT, a veteran owned and operated hog control company that also provides the best fully guided, hog hunting adventure in southwest Georgia.

Their hunts take place at night, the best time to harvest hogs. They drive you around in a climate controlled 4×4 van equipped with a long range thermal. The thermal image is displayed inside the van allowing you to sit back and locate hogs from the comfort of a leather chair.

Once spotted, it’s time to kill as many of them as possible with AR-15’s topped with Armasight thermal scopes. It’s possible to harvest up to 200 hogs in a night, depending on your shot. Hog SWAT processes the meat on the spot at no extra charge. Hunts are available year round for hunters aged from 11 to 93 years old.

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