Arizona couple surprised by Goodwill find

Purple Heart

(Photo: Fox 5)

When one couple went into a Mesa, Arizona, Goodwill store looking to find some bargains, they were shocked to find a Purple Heart in the jewelry section on sale for just $4.99.

Laura Hary and her husband swooped up the medal, purchased it, then set out to find its rightful owner. Through the miracle of social media, the couple’s mission was accomplished.

Purple Heart

(Photo: Fox 5)

Hary posted a picture of the medal, with the name Eual Whiteman engraved on the back, and it didn’t take long for the picture to make its way around the Internet.

The couple found out that Whiteman served in the Army during World War II, but died in 1991. Whiteman did not have any children, but the couple still managed to track down other members of his family, who now have the precious piece of history.

Hary said now anytime they go to the Goodwill, they’ll be checking the jewelry section for any other military medals.

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