Luke Skywalker supports every American's right to own a musket

Voice over and space opera actor Mark Hamill doubled down on past remarks on gun control by coming out in support of the Second Amendment– as long as it’s stuck in 1789.

The actor and former Tattonine resident dropped the love for the 2A on twitter this week, but clarified that it is a very narrowly defined love, and one stacked with a lot of M’s.

This, naturally, led to a fair bit of discourse and confusion from his followers, while some were supportive and argued for other rights to be supported in the same way:

Others wondered about more elegant weapons from a more civilized time

Before moving on to a little more pointed flaws in the Jedi’s thought process and brought up the Hutt in the room

In the end though, at least one twittervarian, some guy named Charles C. W. Cooke, quietly pointed out this week’s discussion in the halls of the Supreme Court about this very subject.

As did others.

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