This just out of left field: a bulletproof ball cap (VIDEO)

BulletSafe body armor company now offers a bulletproof baseball cap in three sizes. Yes, you heard that right. This $129 cap, in small, medium, and large, encases Level IIA protection. That’s sufficient to stop 9mm, .38, and other handgun calibers up to .45.

The shield is made of compressed polyethylene, and covers the front third of the cap only. BulletSafe says this is the maximum amount of protection they could fit into a cap. The company makes a point of saying this is not a ballistic helmet.


The bulletproof baseball cap. (Photo: BulletSafe)

Currently, black is the only color available, unless you’re placing an order for ten or more caps, then a broader range of color and customization options are available.

The question of concussive impact is addressed on the company’s website. Yes, they admit, the forces meeting a forehead from a round hitting the ballistic shield may well be sufficient to cause concussion—like being hit in the helmet by a flying hockey puck. They ask consumers to weigh that against a direct bullet-to-forehead impact.

BulletSafe designed this cap with those in mind who want to maintain a friendly, approachable appearance, yet protect the forehead from pistol-fired projectiles.

On the BulletSafe website, there’s a video demo of the cap on a ballistic practice dummy, being fired upon at close range. There’s also a downloadable chart showing the results of testing the product with various handgun calibers. The cap has passed the National Institute of Justice Level IIA protection test.

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