Handi-Racker makes pistols friendlier for physically challenged (VIDEO)

A simple, new gadget is now available to aid people unable to consistently rack the slide of most semi-auto pistols.

The Handi-Racker is an adaptive tool that can help people with physical limitations manage their pistols independently, if not quickly, the company said.

“Look at it this way – you probably have power steering in your car, so think of the HandiRacker as power steering for pistols; less work, more fun,” said Chris McAnich, the company’s owner, in a statement.

It’s a rectangular plastic block with a groove to accommodate a slide and barrel, and a cut-out within that to make way for most front sights, including aftermarket ones. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket.

HandiRacker guns

(Photo: HandiRacker)

Placed on top of the muzzle end of the slide, the Handi-Racker is then gently pressed down on with one hand while the other, holding the firearm in a normal grip, presses the block-like tool against a hard, perpendicular surface. This provides leverage to push the slide rearward with minimal effort. A company video shows that, with practice, it’s possible to do the procedure one-handed.

Handi-Rackers come in three sizes and accommodate most popular brands. In one online demo, the medium one is shown to be comparable in size to a regular Altoids tin. There’s a special model for the Beretta F series, as their exposed barrel calls for a different “grip” of the device on the slide.

The ejection port is not covered by the Handi-Racker, and thus it can be used to clear misfeeds and perform a standard chamber unloading procedure. When using the Handi-Racker as directed, the user’s hand does not pass in front of the muzzle. This is, of course, a critical safety consideration.

The plastic material of which the device is made won’t mar the finish of any pistol, claims the company.  The company also said the gadget is long-lasting and durable.

This USA-made product is $29.99 plus $8 shipping/handling when ordered online. The company said it is currently welcoming new retailers, and Cabela’s is already stocking it.

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